Email Marketing and Social Media Promotion
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Get Social and Win

Content is the key to the hearts of your audience. So, you need to make use of the content which your prospective customers come across every day on their own accord. Naturally, we mean social networks and emails. Don’t know how to turn your social media profile into an outlet and make conversion-boosting emails? Worry not! Our team will take care of that. After an in-depth work with your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts your audience will find your brand absolutely irresistible.

The power of liked and shared posts is overwhelming, and we will help you use it to your own benefit.

Defining Audience
Our team possesses all tools and skills necessary to find and analyze the type of your audience, its needs and how your business can satisfy them.
Growing Brand
Gain followers with our help, keep them aware of the latest offers, updates or changes, and see them spread the word about your business.
Post Management
Our social media managers keep an eye on the algorithms of the social networks to adjust to any change in time.
Relevant Content
We ensure that your brand follows and sets the trend. When there is the perfect moment to make an outstanding post we grab it!
Spread Messages

Reach out to your one-time buyers and subscribers and turn them into long-term customers. The best way to gain clients is to remind about yourself in the most imaginative and useful way possible. This is what our email marketing engineers are specialized in. They will develop all kinds of emails to catch the users’ interest, keep them hooked and make them want to come back to your site.

Don’t hesitate to exploit the potential of emails and the income they can bring you. Get ahead of your competition!

Converting subscribers
We attract the visitors through the White Hat techni- quesand turn them into buyers via emails.
Regular reports
Stay supplied with relevant data and statistics to see the process of conversion and the level of efficiency.
Regular updates
With the help of our announcement emails, your subscribers will always know what’s going on and how they can benefit from it.
In-depth insight
Your customers will never be confused about the way your business works: the information emails with all necessary tips and info will take care of that.
Full control
After analyzing the actions of each user on your site we send them transactional emails with hints on what product or service may be good for them.
Effective advertising
Whenever there is a discount season or any other event, our advertising emails will keep your subscribers posted and ready to go to your site and make a beneficial purchase.
6 Steps to Bonding with Your Audience
Detailed Audits
First, our experts study your current progress in social media and conduct a research to see how it can be developed.
Analyzing Audience
After the audit of your social media, we see what kind of audience your business targets and how we can appeal to them.
Planning Stage
We create a strategy which would fit your business and its purpose perfectly: starting from content and ending with the posting style
Starting Action
Our team begins to post and send emails according to the approved plan. We monitor all the communication and feedback.
Spam Watch
We keep up the dialogue between your brand and the audience while cleaning out all spam-filled posts that may appear.
Reporting Performance
We keep reporting to you on the progress, the conversion rates and final results of our social media campaign, providing you with analytical data.
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